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Ambulance (ALS)  (18)

Advanced Life Support Ambluance

Ambulance (BLS)  (33)

A Basic Life Support ambulance is for patients who need medical assistance while in transit.

Ambulette  (4)

A special-purpose vehicle equipped to provide non-emergency care

Critical Care Transports – CCT  (4)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for patients who are critically ill or injured.

Event Services  (10)

EMS Standby Event Services for sporting events, concerts, etc.

Medicaid Transportation  (0)

Providers that offer transportation paid for by medicare

Neonatal and Pediatric – NICU/PICU  (2)

Mobile PICU/NICU for transport between facilities.

Specialty Care Transport (SCT)  (0)

Inter facility transportation of a critically injured Patient

Stretcher Transport  (1)

specifically for patients who need to lay down during transport

Wheelchair  (15)

Wheelchair transportation

Bariatric  (3)

It covers ramps, winch systems, bariatric stretchers and other transport equipment for bariatric patients.